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Top Ten US towns for Living Well


Top 10 U.S. towns for living well
Small cities can be comfortable places to live and great spots to operate a business, according to a new report from Forbes magazine and business relocation specialist
They identified 10 cities and towns with fewer than 100,000 people, favorable business environments, and well-educated workforces. Their study also took into account natural beauty, high salary levels, and local restaurants and cultural attractions.  The following are their top 10 towns that offer great places to live and work.
1. Boulder, Co.
2. Doral, Fla.
3. Fairfax, Va.
4. Mountain View, Calif.
5. Cupertino, Calif.
6. Newton, Mass.
7. Columbia, Md.
8. Rockville, Md.
9. Coral Gables, Fla.
10. Foster City, Calif.
Source: Forbes
Mary Louise Butler